The Most Versatile Log Reporting Software. Say Hello to Vantage 3.0!

Turn log files into sensible, automated reports, securely delivered to the right people.

WebSpy Vantage Ultimate is an extremely flexible, generic log file analysis and reporting framework supporting over 200 log file formats. WebSpy Vantage Ultimate is developed and maintained by Fastvue, a team of log analysis professionals dedicated to making sense of your log file data!

Import Logs

Import text logs, compressed or uncompressed, from local or networked folders, FTP, SCP / SFTP, Windows Events Logs, and Databases.

Import as much data as your hard drives can store, from over 200 common network devices. We support:

  • Text Logs
    Import text logs, compressed or uncompressed, from local or networked folders, FTP, and SCP / SFTP.
  • Windows Event Logs
    Import Windows Event Logs directly from servers and workstations in your network.
  • Database Logs
    Import logs from SQL databases (Microsoft ISA, TMG, IIS, TrendMicro, ClearSwift and Bloxx)

If your device doesn't produce any of the above logs natively, chances are it supports Syslog. You can then collect those syslog messages with our free Fastvue Syslog tool, and import the resulting text logs into WebSpy Vantage.

Map People to Web Traffic

Vantage imports users from your directory server and maps them to authenticated usernames in your log files. - Group Users Group and report on users by AD attributes such as Departments, Offices and Companies, or OU Containers. - Reports for Managers Utilize the manager/subordinate hierarchy in Active Directory to create and distribute reports to managers.

Design Reports

Design the content of your reports using WebSpy Vantage’s powerful report templating and data aliasing engines. Vantage’s powerful report template designer puts you in full control over your report content.

Deliver Reports

Send reports to HR, Department Managers, Employees, and IT by email attachment (PDF, Word, HTML, CSV or Text) or via a secure web portal (the Vantage Web Module).


Automate the entire reporting process from importing logs, synchronising with Active Directory and resolving IPs, to delivering reports.

New in Vantage 3.0

Vantage 3.0 draws on two decades of log analysis experience to bring unparalleled flexibility when it comes to defining your log reporting process.

Site Clean

For logs with URLs, Vantage 3.0 integrates the Fastvue Site Clean engine to better correlate background web traffic (advertisements, CDNs, social sharing widgets etc) to the website the user actually visited.


Reporting on large data sets with three or more levels in the report (For example, Users -> Categories -> Websites), are now up to 90% faster! Vantage 3.0 is also built on the latest .NET framework, delivering better memory utilization and performance benefits.

SCP / SFTP Support

In addition to importing logs from local or networked folders, databases, event logs and standard FTP, Vantage 3.0 now supports import over SCP / SFTP.

Redesigned User Interface

Both WebSpy Vantage, and the Web Module have received a facelift for a smoother end user experience. Download the new version to see it for yourself!

Optimized for Internet Activity Reports

WebSpy Vantage is a generic log analysis application, but we’ve included some powerful features to make Internet Activity Reporting simple and useful.

  • Site Clean
    Identify real websites visited. Not every CDN, ad, or background tracking pixel (via Fastvue Site Clean).
  • Active Directory / LDAP Integration
    Match authenticated firewall log data to real users in Active Directory.
  • Secure Access
    Secure access to sensitive reports using the Vantage Web Module – a secure intranet portal where HR, IT, managers, and employees can view reports they have permission to view.

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