Customize Storage and Report Paths

By default, all data created by WebSpy Vantage Ultimate is located in your Documents folder under Documents\WebSpy\Vantage Ultimate <version>\Storages.

You may want to change this location, especially for Storages and Reports, as they can consume a large can amount of disk space, and you may want to share them with other users.

To change the location of your Storages and Reports:

  1. Go to Tools | Options | Paths
  2. Change the path for Storages and Reports to your desired location such as C:\WebSpy\Storages and C:\WebSpy\Reports
  3. Click OK

If you have already created Storages and Reports, close Vantage and move the Storage folders and Reports to the new location using Windows Explorer. Then open Vantage and those reports will be available again.

Note: The Tools | Options | Paths dialog enables you to change other paths such as Templates, Aliases and Organization, but Vantage does not automatically create files in these locations. These locations simply define where the Open/Save dialogs default to on the corresponding tab in Vantage. For example, if the Templates location is set to C:\WebSpy\Templates, clicking Save or Open on the Templates tab will launch an open/save dialog at C:\WebSpy\Templates, enabling you to save your current list of templates to a file.