Accessing log files

WebSpy Vantage has native support for over 200 different log file formats. Network devices usually provide some way of accessing their log files and/or transferring them automatically off-box. The most common method is syslog.

To import syslog data, you first need to log the syslog messages to text files, and then import those text files into WebSpy Vantage. If you already have a syslog server that logs syslog data to text files, then you can import those logs, or you can try our own Fastvue Syslog – a free and unlimited syslog server for Windows.

In addition to text logs, WebSpy Vantage can also import Windows Event Logs directly from machines on your network. WebSpy Vantage can also import data directly from the MS SQL log databases created by Microsoft Forefront TMG, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft ISA, Trend Micro IWSS and Bloxx Web Filter.

Once you have access to your log files, you can import them into a WebSpy Vantage Storage.