Purging Data from the Web Module

Over time, the number of reports, storages, and user's analyses (the result of analysing a storage) will become large. You can therefore delete reports, storages or analyses from your Web Module(s) that are older than a certain date.

To do this:

  • Ensure you are connected to a Web Module by selecting a Web Module and clicking Connect

  • Click Purge in the Web Module task pad. This launches the Purge Web Module Wizard.

  • On the Web Modules page select the Web Modules that you want to delete data from and click Next

  • On the Purge Range page, select the types of files you want to delete (Analyses, Reports or Storages)

  • Select the range of files you want to delete (All files, Files older than n Years/Months/Weeks/Days/Hours, or Files created before a certain date)

  • Click OK to proceed with deleting the files from the Web Module