Importing and Exporting CSV Files

Using the Import from CSV option you can add users within your organization and sort them into the desired groups in the same process.

To do this:

  • Click Import from CSV .

  • Navigate to the csv file that contains your organizational structure.

  • Select how the information from your csv file should be merged with your existing organizational structure.

Note: When merging, only users that have previously been added from your CSV file will be affected. Users that have been manually added will not be affected.

  • Click OK to complete the wizard and begin the import.

Once the import is complete you will see you Organization tree displayed. You can use the 'View' drop-down list at the top of the Organization tree to display your groups, or your manager/subordinate hierarchy.

You can also save your organizational structure to a CSV file.

To do this:

  • Click Export to CSV .

  • Enter a name for your file.

  • Click OK to finish.

CSV File Format

WebSpy supports CSV file formats that:

List your grouping structure i.e. Country/City/Branch/Deparment

Contain a unique identification for each individual i.e. CN=Cyril Margheim, OU=Acquisition, OU=Perth 950, OU= Perth, OU=Australia, DC=exampleorg, DC=com

Link a unique manager identification to each individual i.e. CN=Glendora Martensen, OU=Acquisition, OU=Perth 950, OU=Perth, OU=Australia, DC=exampleorg, DC=com


Screenshot - Sample CSV File