Assigning Web Module Passwords

If you are using Vantage In-built Authentication, your users will not be able to login to the Web Module without having an assigned login name and password.

Login names are created when you add the user on the Organization tab in Vantage, but passwords are not automatically assigned.

Note: You do not need to assign passwords if you have configured Windows Authentication (recommended). This is only required for the Vantage In-Built Authentication method

Once your organization has been populated with users you can assign passwords to those users so that they can log in to the web module.

To assign Web Module passwords to users:

  1. Go to the Web Module tab
  2. Click the Assign Passwords link in the Organization task pad.
  3. On the Select People page, click Add
  4. You will be presented with your organization's structure. Browse the organization and select either the group or individual(s) you wish to create passwords for. If you wish to assign a password to all people within the organization simply leave the Select People page blank. Click Next.
  5. Password Style allows you to set the passwords length, along with how many capital letters, numbers, and symbols it contains. Once you have set your style, click Next.
  6. The passwords for each user will then be generated and the details of this can be seen on the Generate page. This page will show you the user name, login name, email and password for each user. From here you can also choose to regenerate the passwords by clicking the Regenerate button. If you wish to save these details you can do so by clicking Export to CSV. Click Next .

Note: WebSpy does not store any reference to user's passwords. It is therefore recommended that you use the Export to CSV function to save a list of user's passwords for your own reference. If you do not do this and a user forgets their password, their password will need to be regenerated.

  1. If you would like Vantage to automatically email users their login details, check the 'Distribute passwords to users' checkbox on the Distribute page and alter the email subject and body as required. Click Email Options to specify your SMTP server details if required.

  2. Click OK to complete the Assign Passwords wizard.