Upgrading from Previous Versions

If you have version 2.2 of WebSpy Vantage and/or the Web Module installed, it is easy to migrate your settings to the new version 3.0 by following the steps below.

Note: Migrating settings will overwrite any existing settings in Vantage Ultimate 3.0. If you have not yet used Vantage Ultimate 3.0, then this is not a problem.

Upgrading Vantage 2.2 to 3.0

Install Vantage Ultimate 3.0
Download and install Vantage Ultimate 3.0 (not the Web Module – see below for Web Module instructions). This will install the required version of the .Net framework if not already installed. Do not uninstall your earlier version of Vantage Ultimate at this stage.

Migrate Settings

  1. When you first launch Vantage Ultimate 3.0, the application will detect your earlier version and you will be prompted to migrate your settings. Click Yes. If it is not the first time you have launched Vantage Ultimate 3.0, you can access the Migration Wizard by selecting Tools | Migrate Settings.
  2. On the Settings to Migrate page, select the version of WebSpy Vantage that you were previously using and click Next.
  3. The File Locations page shows all the settings paths used by your previous version of WebSpy Vantage. The Migration Wizard will configure Vantage Ultimate 3.0 to use these same paths. Review the paths and click Next (you can change these paths later in Tools | Options | Paths)
  4. The Tasks page asks you to enter the credentials of the account you are currently logged into Windows with. This is so that the Windows Scheduled Tasks currently configured to launch your earlier version of WebSpy Vantage can be changed to use WebSpy Vantage 3.0. Enter your account’s password and click Next to start the migration process.
  5. Your settings will now be migrated and a progress indicator is shown. Once complete, click Next and OK to complete the Settings Migration Wizard.

Once the migration is complete, click each tab in WebSpy Vantage Ultimate to check all the settings from your earlier version have been successfully migrated. When you are satisfied that everything is working in Vantage 3.0, you can uninstall Vantage 2.2. This will not remove any of your existing data or paths.

Upgrading the Web Module from 2.2 to 3.0

The Vantage Web Module v3.0 cannot be installed along side an earlier version of the Vantage Web Module. You first need to uninstall your earlier version via Programs and Features, but this does not mean you will lose any data. The uninstall does not remove any of your Web Module’s reports, storages or configuration data. The new installation of Vantage Web Module 3.0 will use the same settings from your earlier version.

To upgrade the Web Module:

  1. Find the sub-directory
    First log into your existing Web Module with your administrator credentials and make note of the URL in the address bar. If the URL simply contains a server name or IP address before the Welcome.aspx, such as or http://myserver/Welcome.aspx then you will not specify a sub-directory when installing v3.0 below. If the URL contains another path before the Welcome.aspx, such as or http://myserver/webmodule/Welcome.aspx, then you will specify a sub-directory of the same name (webmodule in this example) when installing v3.0 below.
  2. Find the Data Location
    Also make note of the Vantage Web Module’s data location. By default, this is C:\Vantage Web Data. If you’re not sure where the Web Module is saving data, search your server for a file called Vantage Web Module.Settings. This file is contained within the Web Module’s data folder.
  3. Uninstall version 2.2
    Once you know the Web Module’s data location, as well as whether or not the earlier version was using a sub-directory, go to Programs and Features and uninstall your existing version of the Vantage Web Module.
  4. Install version 3.0
  5. Once uninstalled, double-click the downloaded Vantage Ultimate 3.0 executable and click the second option install Vantage Web Module v3.0. Web Module v3.0.
  6. On the IIS location page, select your website and if you identified a sub-directory in step 1 above, enter the name of it here. Click Next. it here. Click Next.
  7. On the Data Location page, enter the Web Module’s data folder that you identified in step 2 above. Click Next and OK to install. OK to install.

Once installed, you should be able to browse to the Web Module, login as before, and open and view your previous reports. You should also be able to connect to the Web Module from Vantage (on the Web Module tab).

Upgrading Vantage 3.0 to the latest 3.0 build

If you are already running WebSpy Vantage 3.0, there are two ways to ensure you’re running the latest build.

Upgrade using the Auto-Updater

In WebSpy Vantage, go Tools | Check for updates to update to the latest version. You may need to configure your proxy settings in Tools | Options | Proxy if WebSpy Vantage cannot contact the update server.

To update the Web Module, right-click the WebSpy icon in the system tray (next to the clock) and select Check for updates. To configure the proxy settings that the Web Module updater uses, right-click the system tray icon again and select Options | Proxy.

Upgrade using the Installer

You can also update by downloading the latest installer. Simply run the new installer for both Vantage Ultimate and the Web Module over the top of your existing installations. The installers will pick up your existing settings, so just click next throughout the wizard without making any changes.