Path Options

Vantage Ultimate uses a number of folders to store information. These folders are created automatically when the program is installed.

Folder locations are displayed on Paths tab of the Options dialog.

By default Vantage Ultimate creates a folder in 'My Documents\WebSpy\ Vantage Ultimate 2.2' where all user files, such as storages and reports, are stored. You may like to change some of these locations, such as the storages location, to somewhere more appropriate.

To access Location Options:

  • Select Tools | Options from the main menu to launch the Options & Settings dialog

  • Click the Locations tab

To modify a folder path:

  • Click the hyperlink on the name of the path you want to modify. This launches a Browse dialog.

  • Navigate to the location of the desired folder

  • Click OK

The new path to the folder will be displayed in the Paths tab.