Connect Vantage to the Web Module

Browse to the Web Module’s URL and you’ll be presented with the Initial Configuration Wizard.

  1. On the Authentication Page, select Vantage In-built (this can always be changed later in Options | Authentication)
  2. On the Built-in Administrator page, enter a username and password for the Administrator account.
  3. Click Next, and login to the Web Module using your newly created Administrator account.

Now that the Web Module is installed and configured, you need to inform WebSpy Vantage how to connect to the Web Module to publish reports and storages.

  1. Open WebSpy Vantage Ultimate, go to the Web Module tab and click Add Web Module
  2. Enter the URL for the web module (without http:// or https:// at the beginning), your administrator username and password and click Connect.

Tip: See our guide on configuring the Web Module to use Windows Authentication so that users can log straight into the Web Module without an authentication prompt.

Now that Vantage has an active connection to the Web Module, you can publish reports and storages to it using the Publish Report to Web Module wizard. But you will first need to import some log data into a storage, create a report template (or use one of the default templates), and import your Organization from LDAP so that other people in your organization can view reports in the Web Module.