Web Module Options

Logging into the Web Module with an administrator account provides access to the Options tab. You can also provide other users access to certain pages in on the Options tab when granting access to the web module.

The following pages are available under the Options tab in the Web Module.



There are three authentication options you can use to authenticate users logging into the Web Module.

  • Vantage In-built
    Select this option if you want to create login names and passwords within Vantage. You will need to specify a username and password to use for the Web Module's administrator account. Individual users need to be created on the Organization tab (see Creating your Organization), and they need to have passwords assigned using Vantage (see Assigning Web Module Passwords).
  • IIS Integrated Authentication
    Select this option if you want users to login using their domain account via Windows Authentication, or any other authentication method you can enable within IIS (the web server hosting the Web Module). See Configuring Windows Authentication.
  • Client Certificate
    Select this option if your user's browser will supply a certificate, and an you can extract the user's login name from the certificate.


The Registration page is where you register your license of the Web Module. For information, see Registering the Web Module.

Upload Configuration

When transferring information between the Vantage and the Web Module, there are three 'Upload' methods that can be used:

  • Web Service
    This method uses a web service over port 80 to transfer data between Vantage and the Web Module. This method is useful if Vantage and the Web Module are located on separate servers and the data needs to flow through strict firewalls, as web traffic is usually allowed. However this method is slower than the other two methods listed below.
  • Data Port
    This method opens a separate port on the Web Module server for the WebSpy Vantage client to connect to and upload data. This method is the fastest of the three, but you may need to configure firewall rules to allow communication on the specified port.
  • File Share
    This method lets you specify a file share on the Web Module server that Vantage can save data to. Make sure the user account used when adding the Web Module on the Web Module tab in Vantage has full permission on the file share.

Proxy Settings

This page enables you to specify any proxy settings that the Web Module should use when downloading updates and during registration.


This page enables you to upload a custom image to be displayed on report cover pages.

Anonymous Columns

This option is used in conjunction with the Identify Users permission (see Granting access to the Web Module). When the 'Identify Users' permission is set to Deny for a user or group, any table columns listed on this page will become anonymized in their Reports.

For example, if 'Users' is listed as an Anonymous Column, anyone that logs in that has the 'Identify Users' permission set to deny will not be able to see any usernames in their reports, assuming the table column heading is 'Users'.

Style Sheet

Most elements in the Web Module are styled using the Vantage2.css file located in the Styles folder of the Web Module's site location (IIS usually uses C:\inetpub\wwwroot\). If you have css development skills, you can copy this file, make changes, and upload your own custom CSS file using this page.

Authentication System Change your preferred authentication mechanism: Vantage In-built, IIS integrated or Client Certificate.

Administrator Options Change username, change password or delegate administrators.

IPKI Options Configure which field within the client certificate represents the user's login name: select field from list, specify certificate field name or use X.509 extension.

Web Module Options

There are five web module options:

Monitor User Tasks View user interaction with the web module. Includes button to stop all tasks.

Upload Configuration Select how data is transmitted between Vantage Ultimate and the Web Module: web service, data port or file share.

Registration Register your Web Module.


Purge or erase data, reset initial configuration wizard, view application log or reload configuration.

Report Logo Upload your organization's logo to use in reports.

Data Options

Manage Storages provides a list of available storages and their corresponding names, date ranges, attributed users and when they were added.

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