Administrator Options

Logging into the Web Module with an administrator account provides access to the Options tab. The Options tab includes authentication, web module and data options.

Authentication Options

There are three authentication options:

Authentication System Change your preferred authentication mechanism: Vantage In-built, IIS integrated or Client Certificate.

Administrator Options Change username, change password or delegate administrators.

IPKI Options Configure which field within the client certificate represents the user's login name: select field from list, specify certificate field name or use X.509 extension.

Web Module Options

There are five web module options:

Monitor User Tasks View user interaction with the web module. Includes button to stop all tasks.

Upload Configuration Select how data is transmitted between Vantage Ultimate and the Web Module: web service, data port or file share.

Registration Register your Web Module.


Purge or erase data, reset initial configuration wizard, view application log or reload configuration.

Report Logo Upload your organization's logo to use in reports.

Data Options

Manage Storages provides a list of available storages and their corresponding names, date ranges, attributed users and when they were added.

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