Email Options

Vantage Ultimate can email reports to specified recipients each time a report is generated. Emails are sent using and requires some configuration for it to work. These options are set on the Email tab of the Options dialog.

To access Email Options:

  • Select Tools | Options from the main menu to launch the Options & Settings dialog

  • Click the Email tab

To configure your SMTP options:

  • Enter your SMTP server name into the 'SMTP Server' edit box. You may need to obtain this information from your system administrator or Internet Service Provider.

  • Enter the port number into the 'SMTP server port' edit box (This is usually 25 for SMTP).

  • Enter your email address into the 'Your email address' edit box. This is the email address that will appear in the 'From' field for each report sent by email.

  • If your SMTP server does not accept unauthenticated requests, you can specify your authentication details by checking the 'Login to my SMTP server' checkbox and entering your details.