Automating Imports

Once you have created a storage that is pointing at your log data, it is a good idea to automate the process of importing new logs each night.

To do this:
1. In WebSpy Vantage, go to the Tasks tab and click New Task.
2. Call the Task Daily Task and proceed through the short wizard to create a task with a Daily schedule running at 1am in the morning.
3. Once the Task has been added, select the next task and click Add Action | Import new hits to existing storage
4. Select the Storage you created above. Select Resume Import from last position if your log files are appended to with new data and/or new log files are created in the folder your storage is pointing to (most common). If the same file log files (same names) are overwritten each day with new data, then select the Return to start of log file or table.

WebSpy Vantage will now automatically import new log files each night at 1am.

As this storage will grow until you run out of disk space, it is a good idea to add a data retention policy using the Purge data from storage task action.

To do this:
1. Still on the Tasks tab, select the Task you created above and click Add Action | Purge Data from Storage.
2. Select your Storage and click Next
3. Select your desired data retention, such as Purge data older than 3 months.
4. WebSpy Vantage will now automatically purge data from your storage once it has imported new logs files.