Importing your Organization

Using the Import Organization option you can add users within your organization and sort them into the desired groups in the same process.

WebSpy recommends that you use an LDAP Browser (such as Softerra's free LDAP Browser) to verify which attributes to use to import user's login details, email addresses and so on.

To do this:

  • Click Import Organization

  • On the Directory server page, select your directory type and server and enter your username and password to authenticate with your domain controller then click Test . Click Next after you have successfully connected to your directory server.

  • On the Source page, enter a Root Distinguished Name to search for users within (for example, 'dc=mydomain, dc=com'). The LDAP search query is defaulted to a query that returns 'users', however you can change this if necessary. Click Next .

  • On the User details page fill out the form with the attributes you intend to use for Display name, Email address, Login name and Manager. You can also enter a prefix or suffix for the login names.

Note: Integrated Windows Authentication: If you are using Integrated Windows Authentication, ensure the attribute used for 'Login Name' matches the user's Windows login name Client Certificate Authentication: If you are using client certificate authentication, ensure the attribute used matches the login value within the user's certificate. Additional Attributes: Use the 'Additional Attributes' section to specify any extra information you need to import into the user to map them to the various ways they are identified in your log files. For example, if users are identified by a UserID in your log files, import the UserID attribute from your directory server into the Additional Attributes section. You can use a large range of information as attributes, including IP addresses and subnet masks.

  • On the Grouping page you can setup how your member groups are structured. For example it could be by Country, City, and Department.


    Screenshot - Grouping page

To add a group:

  • Click the Add button

  • Enter the name of the new group

  • Enter the name of the attribute in your directory server which best contains the groups information

  • Select the source node at which the desired attribute is located in relation to the user node

  • Click Ok

  • The option Convert Organization to Aliases after import , located at the bottom of the grouping page, will automatically create new aliases for each grouping level. You can then apply these aliases in your reports and filters.

  • On the Merging page, select how your directory server information should be merged with your existing organizational structure.

Note: When merging, only users that have previously been added from your LDAP/LDIF directory will be affected. Users that have been manually added will not be affected.

  • Click OK to complete the wizard and begin the import

Once the import is complete you will see you Organization tree displayed. You can use the 'View' drop-down list at the top of the Organization tree to display your groups, or your manager/subordinate hierarchy.