Web Module Overview


The WebSpy Vantage Ultimate Web Module is an internal website (Intranet) that enables administrators to securely distribute reports and information throughout an organization.

Administrators use the WebSpy Vantage Ultimate application to create reports and storages, and publish them to the Web Module for specific users to access.

Employees are notified when new information is available and can login to the Web Module via a secure web interface and view the information that has been published for them.

Components of the Web Module

The Web Module Solution Consists of the following components:

WebSpy Vantage Ultimate

WebSpy Vantage Ultimate is an award-winning software product that provides you with a common reporting window into all the key functions of your network and its usage within your organization.

Ultimate adds two additional screens (tabs) to WebSpy Vantage Premium ; the Organization Screen, and the Web Module screen.


Screenshot - Organization Screen


Screenshot - Web Module Screen

The WebSpy Vantage Ultimate Web Module

The WebSpy Vantage Ultimate Web Module is an ASP.NET web application that can be installed on any Microsoft ® Windows workstation or server in your organization that has Microsoft ® Internet Information Services 6.0 or above installed. You can install and create more than one Web Module if necessary (for example, one for each country or branch).


Screenshot - Web Module Login Screen


How It Works

WebSpy Vantage Ultimate is used to import log files from devices on your network such as proxy servers, firewalls, and routers into an optimized internal database called a �Storage�. This storage is then used to publish reports and 'filtered' storages to the Web Module.

A major part to the Web Module Solution is the Organization screen that enables you to create users and organize them into multi-levelled groups to represent your organizational structure. Users are mapped to information in your log files, enabling effective reporting on any organizational unit. Report on countries, cities, branches, offices, departments, teams, individuals, or the entire organization.

In addition to using this organizational structure for reporting, you can use it to assign permissions to users and groups that define what they can and cannot access within the Web Module. Vantage Ultimate also stores a record of each user's email address, which is used to automatically notify the relevant user when new information is available.

Your organizational structure can also be imported from any LDAP or LDIF compatible directory server or any CSV file. You have complete control over the attributes you import in order to create your organizational units.

Once you have imported log file data into a storage and created your organizational structure, you can synchronize your settings with your Web Modules, assign passwords and permissions, and publish reports and storages for your users. These reports and storages can be published with customized permissions to ensure users can only view reports that they are allowed to view.

These users are notified by email when there is new information available and they can log into the Web Module at any time to view the reports that have been published for them, and conduct ad-hoc drilldowns into the storages that have been published for them.



To get started with the WebSpy Vantage Ultimate Web Module solution, please follow this workflow: