About the Web Module


The Vantage Web Module is a separate web application (intranet site) that enables other people to login and securely view the reports they have permission to view.

For example, give permission to department managers to login and view only their reports.

The Web Module is not a web interface for Vantage. You still need to use Vantage to configure your log file imports, Report Templates, Aliases and Tasks.

The Web Module is an additional way to distribute reports that are generated by Vantage.

Every report published to the Web Module has a permission associated with it. When a member of your organization logs into the Web Module, only the reports they have permission to view are presented to them.


Before you can start using the Web Module, you need to:

  1. Install and Configure the Web Module
    The Installation and Setup section takes you through Installing the Vantage Web Module, Connecting Vantage to the Web Module, and Configuring Windows Authentication. Make sure you have completed these steps before continuing.
  2. Create your Organization structure
    To provide others with access to the Web Module, you need create your Organization on the Organization tab in Vantage. If using Windows Authentication (recommended) make sure each user has a login name in the format of domain\username.


One your Web Module is installed and configured, and your Organization is created, you can:

  1. Grant Access Permissions
    Anyone listed on the Organization tab can be provided with access to the Web Module.
  2. Publish Reports to the Web Module
    When someone logs into the Web Module, they will only have access to the Reports that you have given them permission to view via the Split & Permit page of the Publish Report to Web Module wizard.
  3. Automate using Tasks
    Importing your Organization and Publishing Reports can and should be automated using Tasks

We recommend creating a Daily Task (for example, a task that runs at 1 am each day), that publishes your reports to the Web Module for yesterday. When your users log into the Web Module, they can use the Dynamic Reports tab to select a date range, and collate their daily reports into one Report. This enables your users to essentially run their own report on the dates they need to investigate.

If you are the administrator of the Web Module, there are a range of Administrator Options that you should become familiar with.