General Options

The General tab of the Options dialog enables you to configure settings that are general to the application.

To access General options:

  • Select Tools | Options from the main menu to launch the Options & Settings dialog

  • Click the General tab

This tab enables you to configure the following options:

Units of size Size fields throughout the application can be displayed in Bytes (B), Kilobytes (KB), Megabytes (MB), or Gigabytes (GB). Select the unit of size you would like to use from the 'Unites used to display size of data' drop down list. You can also select 'Auto' which appends KB, MB, or GB after each size field.\

Time format Time fields in the application can be displayed in Milliseconds, Seconds, Hours, h:m:s or h:m:s:ms.. Select the format you would like to use from the 'Units used to display time drop down list.

Default application priority You can set a change the application priority for Vantage Ultimate so Windows will devote more or less time to running it. Note: Setting a higher priority to Vantage Ultimate will slow down other processes running on your computer.

Toolbar text options This option changes whether text is displayed in addition to icons on the toolbars throughout the Vantage Ultimate

Session Threshold This option controls how long a user needs to stop browsing for before their session is considered 'finished' (see Sessions and Browsing Time)

Check for updates on start This option controls whether Vantage Ultimate should check the web for updates each time it starts.

Show latest news This option controls whether the latest news section is displayed on the home screen.