Saving, Opening and Deleting your Organization

Once you have configured your Organiztion, it is a good idea to save it out to a file, so that you can open it in the future if needed.

To save your Organization structure:

  1. On the Organization tab, click Save Organization
  2. Give your Organization file a name such as today's date, and click Save.

The file will be saved with the file extension .Organization

To open your Organization file from a previously saved file:

  1. On the Organization tab, click Open Organization
  2. Select your previously saved Organization file (with the extension .Organization and click Open.

Your saved Organization structure will now be open on the Organization tab.

To remove your Organization structure, including all users and groups:

  1. Click Clear Organization. A popup box will appear asking you to confirm the deletion.
  2. Click Yes to delete your Organization.

Note: Deleting your organization has no impact on your Directory Server. The changes are all local to WebSpy Vantage.