Precalculated Analysis

Running an ad-hoc analysis on your Storage can sometimes take a while depending on the amount of data in your storage.

If you find you often need to run an ad-hoc analysis, you can configure Vantage Ultimate imports to run an analysis on your data while it imports your logs, and save the Analysis back into the storage.

This precalculated analysis is then instantly available when you run an ad-hoc analysis in the future.

The precalculated analysis is retrieved by checking the Use precalculated analysis if available checkbox on the Analysis Type page of the Create Analysis dialog (see Running an Analysis).

Precalcuated analyses are only used when running an An-hoc analysis on the Analysis tab. They are not used when running a Template Analysis, or when running reports on the Reports tab.

Unfortunately, analyzing data while importing slows down log import quite considerably, therefore this option is disabled by default.

To Analyze data on import and utilize the precalculated analysis feature:

  1. Go to Tools | Option | Import
  2. Check the Analyze data during import checkbox and click OK
  3. When running an analysis, check the ad-hoc analysis option and ensure 'Use Precalculated Analysis if available' is selected.

Note: If you make changes to your Profiles, your precalculated analysis will not automatically re-categorize URLs with the new settings. To update the precalculated analysis, check the 'Update precalculated analysis in the selected storage' option on the Analysis Type page of the Analysis Wizard or re-import your log files.