Creating a connection between Vantage and the Web Module

Once you have installed Vantage Ultimate , installed the Web Module, and configured your administrator account and authentication mechanism you need to create a connection between WebSpy Vantage Ultimate and the WebSpy Web Module so that settings can be synchronised, and reports and storages can be published.

To do this:

  • Open Vantage Ultimate

  • Click on the Web Module tab

  • Click Add Web Module

  • Enter the URL for the web module

Tip: you do not need to specify http://

For example mywebserver/myvirtualdirectory

If you're using the Vantage In-built authentication

If you are using the IIS Integrated authentication

  • Check 'Credentials'

  • Enter the username, password and domain you use for your windows network log on.

  • Click OK

If you are using the Client Certificate authentication

A successful connection will see the server name appear under the Web Modules section with a status of 'Connected'.