Publishing Collated Reports

The publishing collated reports process allows you to collate reports for specific users and groups and make them accessible via the Report tab within the Web Module.

To publish a collated report to a Web Module:

  • Ensure you are connected to a Web Module by selecting a Web Module and clicking Connect

  • Click Publish Collated Report in the Content task pad. This launches the 'Publish Collated Report' Wizard.

  • On the Report page, select the reports to include in collation and click Next .

  • On the Date Range page, select the range of dates you would like to include and click Next .

  • On the Publish page, enter a name for the report and select which Web Modules to publish it to. You can also select who to attribute the report to. Click Next .

  • On the Permissions page, select the users or groups that you want to be able to access the report. Attribution is manually specified when using the 'Everybody' option on the Publish page, however attribution is automatically applied when using the 'Specific users' option.

When selecting report permissions, there are three options to choose from:

Attributed user or group This option will make the report accessible to only the users or groups that the report is for.

Specific users or groups This option ignores report attribution and simply makes the report accessible to the users or groups you select.

Managers This option makes the report accessible to only the manager of the user or group that the report is for. The 'Restrict to within' option allows you to specify how many managers up the hierarchy have access to the report. For example, Restrict to within 2 levels will make the report accessible to the attributed user's immediate manager, and their manager's manager. If the report is attributed to a group, it will make the report available to all managers within that group, as well as their manager's.

  • On the Notification page you are able to check the Notify via email option. This will send an email to each user that has permission to view the report. The users must have a valid email address configured in the Organization tree to receive an email. Alter the email subject and body as desired. The % parameters will insert each user's respective details automatically.

  • Click OK .

The Collated Report Publishing process will now begin. Once complete, users with permission to view the collated report will be able to log in to the Web Module and view the report on the Reports tab.

Note: You must provide users with the 'Read Reports' permission on the Web Module screen for them to access the 'Reports' tab within the Web Module.