Configuring Administration Account & Authentication

To start using the WebSpy Vantage Ultimate Web Module, you must create an administration account and configure the authentication mechanism you want to use.

To do this:

  • Browse to the Web Module by opening an Internet browser and browsing to http:///, where is the IP address or name of the machine you installed the WebSpy Vantage Ultimate , and is the Virtual Directory you specified when installing the WebSpy Vantage Ultimate Web Module

  • When browsing to the Web Module for the first time you will be presented with the configuration wizard


Screenshot - Configuration Wizard Screen

  • Click Next on the first page of the Configuration Wizard

  • On the Authentication page you will have the option of selection one of three authentication mechanisms.


Screenshot - Authentication Screen

Vantage In-built

You can create custom login names and automatically generate passwords for your users on the Web Module screen in WebSpy Vantage Ultimate . Select this option if you want use Vantage Ultimate to create login names and passwords.

Configuring Authentication using the Vantage In-built mechanism:

  • Select Vantage In-built and click N ext

  • For your administration account enter a Username and Password then click N ext

  • On the Summary screen verify the Mechanism and Username are correct the click Finish

  • You can now log in with your administrator account

IIS integrated

You can configure IIS to use Windows Authentication. This allows users to be automatically logged in when they browse to the Web Module as long as they are logged into Windows with their Windows domain account.

Configuring Authentication using the IIS integrated mechanism:

  • Select IIS integrated and click Next

  • Enter the qualified usernames of those users you wish to have administrator access and click Next

  • On the Summary screen verify the Mechanism and Usernames are correct then click Finish

  • You will now be logged into the web module automatically using your windows authentication

  • You will now be logged into the web module automatically using your windows authentication

Client Certificate

You can configure IIS to require client certificates for authentication. You can therefore setup the Web Module to use client certificates for its authentication. To do this, you need to configure which field within the client certificate represents the user's login name.

Note: Refer to your web servers documentation for details on requiring a client certificate.

Configuring Authentication using the Client Certificate mechanism:

  • Select Client Certificate and click Next

  • On the configuration page there are three options:

  • Click Next to confirm your settings.

  • When users browse to the web module, their client certificate will be passed and the specified field will be used to log them into the web module. The login name in their certificate must match their login configured on the WebSpy Vantage Ultimate Organization screen.