Installing The Web Module

Download the Web Module add-on from

Minimum Requirements

Microsoft IIS comes with most versions of Microsoft ® Windows but it is not installed by default.

To Install the WebSpy Vantage Ultimate Web Module:

  • Download the WebSpy Vantage Ultimate Web Module from

  • Open the downloaded zip file and double-click run the WebSpyVantageWebModule.msi file

  • The WebSpy Vantage Ultimate Web Module setup wizard will launch.

  • Click Next on the welcome screen.

  • On the Installation Address page select the Site the Web Module is to be installed to and enter a Virtual Directory. Click Next .

  • On the Data Location page enter the location the Web Module data is to be stored, these being for example Storages and Reports. Click Next .

  • On the Confirm Installation page click Next to begin the install.

  • Click Close to complete the wizard.

You can now access the Web Module by opening an Internet browser and browsing to http:///, where is the IP address of name of the machine you installed the WebSpy Vantage Ultimate Web Module, and is the Virtual Directory you specified in step 5 above.

For example: http://MyServer/WebModule or .

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