Automating using Scheduled Tasks

You can schedule all the actions required to configure and publish information to the Web Module. These actions include:

Importing your Organizational structure from LDAP

Synchronizing your Organizational information with the Web Module(s)

Publishing Reports to the Web Module(s)

Publishing Storages to the Web Module(s)

Purging Data from the Web Module(s)

To automate any of these actions, you need to create a task.

To do this:

  • Within WebSpy Vantage Ultimate , click the Tasks tab

  • Click New Task in the Tasks task pad. This launches the New Task wizard.

  • On the General page, enter a name for your task such as 'Daily reporting task'

  • To keep informed on the status of the task each time it runs, check the 'Send task results by email' checkbox and enter your email address. Click Next .

  • On the Schedule page, check the 'Run task using Windows Task Scheduler' checkbox. This will create a job in Windows Scheduled Tasks. You can leave this unchecked if you want to create a task to perform a list of actions that you will run manually.

  • Select the Start time, and date recurrence for your task (only applicable if you have 'Run task using Windows Task Scheduler' checked). Click Next .

  • Enter your Windows Login details on the Authentication page so that Vantage Ultimate knows who to run the task as when you are logged off. Click OK .

You will now see you new task list on the Tasks screen. You can now add the actions you want to automate when the task runs.

To do this:

  • Select your task and click Add Action

  • Select the action you want to automate from the list

The following actions are relevant to the Web Module Solution, however you may also want to utilize some of the other standard actions such as 'Importing logs into a new storage'.

  • When you add an action, it gets added to the Actions list. Each action has either a 'Select...' or 'Configure...' sub-action. Double-click this sub-action to configure the action.

Once you have added all the tasks and actions you desire, you can run the task manually to test its performance. Once you are happy with the task, you can leave it to run as scheduled.

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